Dear Friends, My name is  Julia Moiseeva. I’m a professional wedding photographer and you are welcome to my website. If you like soft, warm feeling, reflected in photos full of vivid colors, so we are on the same way!

My Photo

Wedding couples usually see me like this during the wedding: :)

Julia Moiseeva

My Way

Nested Love gives beauty, it brings Gratitude, which gives strength to go on!

My style

My Style —  Beauty in a romantic way !

The beauty of weddings I associate with radiant tints of colors, warmed with vivid emotions .

In pursuit of beauty, I rely on sense of beauty of beautiful bride and sense of unique of each wedding day. I was able to maintain and develop those sense I had have since childhood. I’ve always been fascinated by the image of the Bride and Bridal party and thought wedding day is the most remarkable day in the life of any girl.

Romantic mood in my photographs related to the way the bride and the tenderness of love with the sensuality of the relationship between married couples.


My Interests

I am interested in working with married couples, for whom, as for me, photography and the beauty of a wedding is a very important thing. This means attention to the accessories, costumes, contribute to the creation of a beautiful image, appropriate planning the wedding day, the willingness of both newlyweds to participate in the process.

I am interested in photographing weddings that have a storyline.

I am interested in photographing a wedding on the shores of large bodies of water, including oceans and seas :).

I am interested in photographing weddings abroad, in the unusual and beautiful places.

In the interesting projects I devote myself in 150%, and cost is not a main motivation  …


Particular attention I pay to the processing of photos. As for me, processing is the same creative process as shooting itself. Processing emphasizes and enhances the beauty of making photographs alive. Like  face of the  diamond full color images starts expressive play in the processed photographs. That’s what I’m trying to achieve making pictures with love. Processing time is much longer than time for the shooting itself, because every story needs its own approach. I will not give the results of my work, while I not 100% sure of it quality.

Result of my work

For the wedding day, which lasts on average 8 hours, selection of successful photographs would be about 1,000-1,500 pcs. All photos are subject to careful tonal and color corrections. The most beautiful pictures are added, and photographic retouching. All photos will be prepared for print  and recorded on DVD on the highest resolution. Disc made into a beautiful, personalized gift wrapping.

Wedding photo books

I make  wedding photo books . Designs may vary, but the overall style and quality will be at the same level.

Wedding Slideshow

Upon request I can make  a beautiful wedding slideshow . Music for slide shows are usually chosen by the couple. Slide show is recorded in two formats. It can be seen on a computer or a DVD.

Printing photos

If you want I can make printing and printing to ensure quality control. I recommend to all our customers to print photos in the professional photo labs only with color correction turned off. Best is to print on glossy paper, if the photos are intended for an album or fotophrame. If the pictures will be viewed «in hands» it is better to print with white border and on paper «silk». Dark pictures are very advantageous to look at the paper «metallic.»

Equipment for shooting

As I use a lot of equipments in my work, I brought it to a separate page:  Equipment for wedding photography and photo processing .

What happens before the wedding

Before the wedding we meet, watch pictures, discuss a lot and planning the wedding day. Sometimes discussion of details and options takes several hours. In the last time, more and more couples want to make a  creative, unusual wedding . The most interesting wedding photography obtained than a single storyline build. I am very pleased to help in the realization of these ideas.

The romantic pre-wedding photo shoot

With the right approach to organizing the wedding day you need to think about what will be an invitation, gifts, decorations and entertainment room. For all these beautiful pictures may be needed. If the restaurant has a big screen or projector, one of the order or the day can be  a slideshow . Slide-show at the restaurant has a much stronger effect, as played on the big screen and accompanied by music with a fairly high volume. Photos can also be used for gifts, placing them on mugs, magnets, or a beautiful photo frame.